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Any one have suggestions on time to sleep when working a 2145 to 0845 shift? Am starting soon on nocs and need some helpful ideas. Thanks All!:confused:... Read More

  1. by   prn nurse
    I love nights. Good pointers here so far.
    Your bedroom must be pitch black. I buy black posterboard at the store and tape it to all windows.
    The "white noise" on low is essential. Waterfall is better.
    Set the bedside alarm.
    Limit fluids after 6 a.m.
    Always a hot shower before going to bed.
    Naturally, no phone in the bedroom and turn other house phones Waaaaaaaaaayy down!
    Most night nurses utilize benadryl or tylenol pm to get their 6-7 hours sleep.
    And, yes, go to sleep at the same time every day.

    And,..... you will never sleep as well or as long as you do at night.

    That's the price we pay for not having docs, families, and administrative people looking over our shoulders all shift.
  2. by   Kayzee
    Thank all of you for your helpful suggestions.
  3. by   Sable's mom
    Everyone's ideas have been great - I especially agree with the limit setting - 0200 call backs really limit the 1400 "oh were you STILL in bed?" calls.

    Good luck on nights - after 20+ years I still love it.
  4. by   whipping girl in 07
    I worked 7p-7a for 7 months now, and I love it. My sleeping during the day tips are: no caffeine after 4am, and no more than two caffeinated beverages after midnight, wear sunglasses to drive home (I park on a lower level of the garage so I don't have to walk out in sunlight), light snack around 5-5:30 so I don't have to take time to eat when I get home, noise machine (waterfall or rain is the best), blanket over the window, ringer off on phone, cell phone (only school and hubby have the number) by my bed with the alarm set.

    I go back to bed after I take my son to school for my first night back. I usually only work 2-3 nights in a row, and have at least two nights off in between. Some people I work with do 5 or 6 shifts in a row, but I start to fade after the third. When I only have one day off between shifts, I feel like I don't have a day off at all. If you have too much trouble sleeping during the day, see if you can only schedule 2 shifts in a row, then be off 3 nights in a row. At least where I work, there are enough people who want all their days in a row that someone who doesn't can be easily accomodated. That way you really only have to sleep during the day for one day.

    And finally, give yourself time to adapt. It took me a good 6 weeks to get to where I could sleep 5-6 hours during the day. When I first started nights I was sleeping only 3-4 hours and running on adrenalin and caffeine. Now, my head hits the pillow at 8 and I don't move until at least 1:45 (when things go as they should. )

    Good luck!