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My facility is working towards Magnet Hospital status. I know that one of the magnet application criteria is that the facility must demonstrate that there is autonomy. Administration is looking at... Read More

  1. by   nursemaa
    Quote from 3rdShiftGuy
    I see your point. It's only when they have a dress code in place that people have adhered to for years, then it's changed and choice is taken away that people seem to get bent out of shape. Color seems to be the biggie. Take away choice and mandate a color, especially white and people make a big issue of it.
    Good point! It's human nature to resist change. I tell my staff that as long as they look clean, neat, and professional, I won't fuss at them about what color/print they wear- there are bigger issues in nursing than what color your scrubs are. That is, until upper management gets after me....wonder what they would think if someone told them what color suit they had to wear? Oh wait, how about this: we can tell them they have to all carry the same briefcase! :chuckle
  2. by   TiffyRN
    Our magnet survey is next week. We haven't been asked to change anything about our uniforms; it's pretty standard for all RN's in the whole hospital. I don't know how much autonomy we have but I do know that this is a heck of a time for the Magnet folks to come. Our unit at least is at an all time low for morale, staffing is bad, call-in's are up and turnover not so good.
  3. by   Katmae RN
    I feel negatively about the Magnet status. It seems like a ploy for hospitals to brag with for patients to come to that hospital. Show me a $5.00/hr. raise when we get it and I'll respect it more.
  4. by   indynurse#2
    i work at a newly designated magnet hospital and every nurse in the hospital (there are over 1000) have to wear royal blue. a bunch of blue look alike nurses. how boring