Need Help with Stipulation Paperwork

  1. After about 6 months graduating from RN School and looking for a job, I am able to find an employer to hire me despite my stipulations. The employer does not have experience with hiring anyone with stipulations. I need help in making sure all required paperworks are sent to Texas Board of Nursing. Anyone knows what paperwork are needed? The Board only sent me Notification of Employment that the employer fills out. I was wondering is there a form my employer fills out for the quarterly review that is sent to the Board of Nursing? Also other advice regarding meeting declaratory order requirements will be appreciated.
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    If the Board sent you a form for the employer, then that's what they want. Give it to the employer. If the employer needs further instructions, the employer contacts the Board to get them, not you. It may be that if the Board gets that form back it then knows whom to contact for any follow-up they require. It is completely unlikely that it will be done through you.

    As to meeting any other sorts of requirements, we can't give legal advice here, but it sounds like you must have received some sort of information in the "declaratory order." If you aren't clear on what that means in terms of your actions and obligations, call the people on the issuing body (whatever it was) and ask them for clarification.