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  1. Hi there, would any of you experienced nurses be willing to take a look at my resume? Now I am 21 years old, graduating nursing school with an ADN in may. I have no experience besides clinical rotations because I started nursing school right out of high school! and had to keep a part time job waitressing to pay for everything. If anyone would help me out and give me some direct pointers, that would be wonderful! Thanks!!
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  3. by   new_worker
    I graduated same age just make sure to keep a portfolio of all the things you did in clinical rotations. Keep copies of you evaluations that you had in the portfolio for the interviewer has a quick reference. Having copies of you assignments and any certificates shows what kind of work you are capable of doing and having them graded as Satisfactory shows you are capable with current knowledge to deal with things. Good Luck
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    Good luck!
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    I had issues with resumes as well I know this website helped me with screening my resume and giving me pointers on the interview and practice interview questions, here is their website:

    Hope it helps goodluck in landing that job!