need help! please give me advice...

  1. Hey guys. I have been going over in my head what to do for ages. I'm a CNA of 4 yrs now. I have been trying to get my
    pre-reqs done for my RN, and have half of them done.But in the process I ended up getting sick, I was sick for about 6 months before the doctors found it was my gal bladder. I had it removed around final time one semester. And ever since then I seem to get sick when I get stressed out. The problem is I have no one else to support on financially. My parents want to but aren't in a position financially to. Anyhow I have decided to go for my LPN this year and to go back later on, which I am real happy about I think it will help me with school later on. But my nursing class runs 8-3 mon to fri, and I'm going to have to work 12 hr shifts on weekends and few hours during the week to pay my bills. I am so afraid of getting stressed out. The problem is even though I'm a good student I don't have the perfect grades for most scholarships. I love my job and I am so motivated on becoming a nurse, I am just so afraid all my dreams are going to fall through. Can someone please help me????
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