Need help in Oncology Nursing

  1. Hi all!

    Just found this site and I hope someone can help. I need someone to help review Oncology Nursing with a friend of mine, particularly the major systems. We're located in Long Island, New York.

    Also, any oncology nursing review books that you may recommend would be greatly appreciated! I really need some help with this!

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  3. by   MLMRN1120
    Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing, along with the companion study guide was very helpful for me as a new grad on an oncology unit. It is meant to be preparation for the Oncology Certification exam, but offers a great review whether you are taking the test or not...I bought them on Amazon, i think I paid $80 for both.
    Good Luck
  4. by   eortega
    Thank you very much! I'm going to check it out now.
  5. by   StephRN08
    When I first started in oncology, I purchases Oncology Nursing which is published by Mosby. This book is my top recommendation as it includes everthing you need to know to care for oncology patients. I personally learned so much from this book! It does include OCN prep questions in the form of case studies, which I think helped me pass the exam.

    There is a new publication from the Oncology Nursing Society, Cancer Basics. It is a good, easy-to-read book with very basic information. I think it geared more towards someone just entering the speciality that wants a good foundation, but it is important to know that it does not go into much detail.

    Cancer Nursing by Connie Yarbro is supposed to be a very good read, but I have never gotten around to purchasing it. Many co-workers like to use it and have nothing but good things to say about it.

    The core curriculum book is OK. I did not like the format (outline style). The study guide had a lot of great practice questions for the OCN.