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  1. i'm getting ready to apply to start grad school next semester and i have several options - i need advice from someone who has already done it! one is a msn - nursing administration degree that is all online. has anyone done an entire degree online? - another option is a dual msn/mba which i would love to do, but only if it is truly worth the extra time it will for my future plans, i currently work as a um nurse and plan to stay in the "business side" of nursing - i'm really not interested in being a np or cns - my employer pays for grad school and i always planned on going back anyway, so i feel like this is an opportunity i shouldn't pass up, just not sure what avenue to take. thanks in advance for any pros/cons, advice, warnings, random comments...
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi there Indy Nurse! I moved from Indianapolis to Peoria in 1996 - love Indy though.

    Anyway, back to the subject. If you think that you would like to stay in the "business side" of nursing, I would go for the MSN/MBA. This would give you the option of teaching later too. Plus, if you ever decided that you did want some kind of advanced practice degree, you would be set to do a post-MSN certificate without having to redo a lot of courses.

    I was in an MSN/MBA program when I went back to grad school. However, after taking a couple of the business courses, I realized that I hated the business side of the degree and instead did the MSN (management and leadership) and then went and picked up additional courses for the post-MSN certificate as a med-surg CNS.

    I did my MSN online via University of Phoenix and found it fast-paced but very doable.

    Good luck.
  4. by   indynurse#2
    Thanks so much for the advice - I hadn't thought about being able to do a post-MSN certificate down the road but that definitely helps solidify my decision. Thanks!