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I'm a nurse with several years of experience and entered the ICU nearly a year ago. I'm a good nurse and every day I give it my best shot. I participate in CE, I follow hospital policies and I take... Read More

  1. by   ANnot4me
    Thanks for the input so far. I really appreciate it and I have spent a lot of time today reflecting and thinking. I, too, thought my boss to be saying "Here's your hat...What's your hurry?" I thought I was being paranoid. I really hope that's not the case as I really don't want her giving me a bad reference. It would certainly not be based on my performance. I really need to complete at least year at this job because it is my first ICU position.

    Tonight I went out with a woman I work with (I don't usually socialize with coworkers). Earlier this week she invited me to meet her and some of her friends for a drink and I told her I would. She introduced me to some of her friends and said "He's really well-liked and popular at work." She was not being sarcastic and she has been on the unit for about 5 years. She is well-liked and a very good nurse (one of my preceptors). She seems to stay out of the politics and keeps a low profile. I was most flattered, but also surprised.

    I'm all freaked out now because I feel like maybe I'm on somebody's hit list. Earlier I was thinking "I'll asked to be transferred to another unit." Maybe my manager had no intentions other than giving me an out (I relocated a long distance for this job). Maybe, maybe, maybe...

    How can I go about confronting this situation and stop the guessing games? I'm all confused and just want to leave gracefully.