need direction

  1. i'd like your advice. i will be graduating in aug. with a masters in statistics. i'm thinking of swithcing career to nursing where would you advice i start from RN or BSN. and what schools do u think are good.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You need to be much more specific in your questions. We have no idea where you are living....every state has nursing schools......whether you get an ADN or a BSN depends on what you are going to do with it. In the US you can get a RN behind your name after you complete either a diploma program, ADN, or BSN, provided you pass your boards. All of these allow for the graduate to take the smae exam..................It also depends on what type of programs are available where you live. You need to check that out first.

    Hope that his gives you some insight.....................but I would definitely recommend staying away from the accelerated programs if you do not have any type of medical background.