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    Quote from rmbnaz
    hello all -

    i'm begin my cna training tomorrow. plan to become cna, then pct, then lpn and then rn. i'm 39 - i'm overweight and out of shape - this is my second career (recently downsized after 16 years with the company) and i need advice/suggestions. i feel the best people to ask are on this site.

    • shoes - what would you recommend? i'm leaning toward crocs - but, really have no idea what is best.
    • socks - recommendations. athletic, thin, thick?
    • weight loss - i would be doing very well to lose 60 lbs - but, would be best to lose 90-100. any recommendations on quick-weight-loss diet (although, i'm one of those overweight people (being overweight since about 12 years old) that thinks - science can put a man on the moon for goodness' sakes - but, they can't make weight lose quicker. i'm just kidding...kind[color=white]=of! i know! i know! i didn't gain it overnight. nothing worth having isn't worth working hard for. yadda! yadda! (i'm trying to be humorous!)
    • exercise - i've heard it is best to focus on stomach muscle to support the back. any other recommendations for increasing fitness. i have a treadmill. i would rather not have to pay for a gym membership or personal training - but, would consider it if required.
    • any recommendations for increasing energy?
    i am committed to this second-chance career - and all that goes along with it. i appreciate anything you experts are willing to share!

    thank you!


    hello, rmbnaz!

    i'm not a nurse yet, but i'm a personal trainer and group fitness professional. it would be wise for you to see a physician before starting any exercise program. do you have any limitations, i.e back pain, knee injury, recent surgeries, high blood pressure, diabetes or history of heart attacks in your family? these are all important, and will change the way a program would be designed for you.

    generally, i always suggest to my clients that if you have knee trouble, stay away from the treadmill. it is very weight bearing. instead, try the elliptical or a recumbent bike. these two are much better impact wise for the knees.

    the biggest changes you will see in your weight will come from what you do in the kitchen. calories in versus calories out! what are you eating? how much are you eating? how often are you eating. i had a client come in the other day. she had been fasting for some reason (i think religious reasons0, and she was upset that she had gained weight. it's simple. the body will hang on to calories, especially if the metabolic rate is decreasing. you are storing energy just in case your body doesn't get a meal in the future. the body is very smart! feed yourself whenever your body tells you to, just make sure you are giving it the right kinds of foods. i could go on and on about this.

    please lift weights! not 3 pound dummbells, but as heavy as your body will allow. now i have to say you may have to seek the help of a professional trainer, because i see it people swinging weights around everyday, and they wonder why the've pinched a nerve in their shoulder. technique and form are the most important. body positioning is very important. there are a ton of ways to do a simple biceps curl. you just have to know what you are doing. if you have never lifted a day in your life, you may want to start with weight machines to isolate muscles. usually i start all my clients on dumbbells because i like functional training. the body does not operate one muscle at a time. the body coordinates several muscle groups to move us around, and training this way is very smart.

    i read a lot of posts about cna's having back problems. one way to alleviate this is to tuck your tummy in and bend the knees as you lift. think of lifting a heavy box off the floor. the legs are much stronger than the lumbar spine is. bend those knees. as you sit and read this, tuck your tummy in. you should feel a contraction in the lower back. those deep abdominal muscles (tva's) are putting a sort of "straight jacket' on your back to keep it strong. i do this all the time, and my back never bothers me. i could go on about weight lifting too. i love health and fitness! i'm looking forward to incorporating both once i become a nurse. i don't even know if that's possible, but i'll try it anyway. if you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to pm me, ok? have a great day.