Need Advice Re. Pending Surgery

  1. I haven't had any response to my post on the ob-gyn bulletin board, so I'm going to try the general one.

    I have just found out I need surgery for a large ovarian cyst. My doctor is recommending a total ovario-hysterectomy, (I have fibroids, too...lucky me!) but is willing to consider leaving in the cervix and the other ovary, if everything "looks okay" (read that as one of those marvelous euphemisms for "no sign of cancer".)

    So, all you fellow nurses, what's your experience with this type of surgery? I'm 47, which means I'm in the "gray zone" for leaving the ovaries in. Does leaving the cervix help prevent prolapse of the uterus and make intercourse feel a little more like it did before the surgery?

    Also, I've been told the recovery period is 6 weeks. That's a long time to be idle. My job is not physically demanding - I'm a community nurse, and about the most strenuous activity of my day is pumping up mt blood pressure cuff, so I'm wondering if I could consider returning to work sooner. How have other nurses found the recovery? Were you able to return to work sooner? What were you able to do/not do during your recovery?

    Thanks a bunch for your input! Don't nurses make the worst patients??

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