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  1. I am a new grad that quit my first RN job after one month due to "stress". I had severe anxiety r/t the normal pressures of being a new RN but also had some recent family tradgedies contributing to my negative emotional state. My old employer was disappointed but did add that I had been doing well.

    Anyhow, I realize the error of my ways now and have been job searching. I have an offer at another facility but all around this facility does not look as good as my old employer/facility. Of course, this is just a gut instinct so far, since I only have the interview to go on. They did offer me a position but I am torn. I had no real issues with my old employer, the hospital in general was a great place to work, I think I just freaked as a new grad and made an impulsive and poor decision. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Question is this: would you pursue going back to the old position before you accepted the new offer at the new facility? I figure because I have been somewhat oriented there, know the charting, etc, and because I had been doing well that there may be a chance I could come back but I am very worried that my reputation would be flawed. That my "bed would be made", for lack of a better expression. I don't know if they would be understanding or if everyone would just think I was a quitter...Should I go where no one knows my name or try to go back where I got a little experience?

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  3. by   underpaidrn
    Be very careful how you proceed. If you already have reservations about the new job offer and you take it, then in a month decide you don't like it, you will get a reputation as a job hopper. No one wants to put the time and effort into orientation to someone they aren't sure is going to stay. Did you leave your first position with proper notice? If so, go to their HR department and talk with them. Explain your reasons for leaving and that you are ready to return and make a committment to yourself that you will stick it out. It's always tough to start something new, so give yourself time. Best of luck to you.:spin:
  4. by   ERGirl83
    If it were me, I'd first contact my old boss and let him/her know the reasons I left, and that I were interested in coming back. I'd rather see how that pans out before I check out other options, especially if I weren't pleased with the other options.
  5. by   llg
    I agree with the previous posts. I would talk to my former employer before taking a job that my instincts were warning me about. I would give my former employer a chance to be nice.