Need advice on a recent interview

  1. The position that I applied for was HH Hospice. I've had several interviews in the past week for HH put I'm feeling pulled by one of the hospice angencies. Interview went great, lasted for 2 hours. When I was asked why hospice. I spoke a lot about 2 pt I had that passed recently, and that I felt this was the best nursing I had done.

    Well, when I went into work the family sent a note for the staff and a special thx to Nancy nurse, and to myself.

    Here's my question: would it be inappropriate or too pushy to make it available to her, before she makes her final decision?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I don't think it would be inappropriate but you should have had it with you during the initial interview. If it were in a folder, it would have been avail if you wanted to present it. Anything said after the initial interview seems a little over the edge and might give the wrong impression. And you never know, many people like to use anything as an example for claiming a HIPAA violation. That's another consideration. Now if you have a second interview, that would be the time to bring up anything you might have not emphasized the first time around. Perhaps you could mention the letter without showing the names of the people involved. Good luck. Hope you get the position you want.