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  1. Hi all, I've been a member of this site for some time now, but never posted, so hi! I'm a Canadian RN, graduated last year, and looking for some advice.

    My final year of classes, I found myself to be pregnant, and due at graduation time (just my luck, lol). We only have one acute care hospital in town (small city), and while I've really wanted to get in there, starting work wasn't exactly the first thing on my mind at grad time, and so after my child was born, I took a job in LTC. While I love my current job, I want to have more experiences, and really develop my skills. The problem I find myself in now, is that the hospital only wants to hire new grads, or nurses with several years of acute care experience. I've tried applying numerous times before, but never even got a call back. What can I do to increase my chances of getting in? I've been trying to apply to the float team, as that's where the new grads start out, as it gives you the opportunity to start and then get into a specialty. Perhaps it's my resume? What kinds of things would make me more appealing to an employer?

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  3. by   Gary Mendoza
    I'd call that hospitals HR dept and ask to speak with the nurse recruiter, explain your situation and let them know how eager you are to work for them. You might have to be willing to work nights and float. Also, the more certs you have the better you look. If calling HR doesn't work you might want to consider getting some certs like ACLS (assuming you already have BLS), PALS, NIHSS and any others that might help you. While those are usually not mandated in non-critical areas it makes you more desirable, especially the ACLS.

    Good luck.