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    I just wanted to know is earning credits in high school hard? I mean people said it was going to be hard going to middle school and it wasnt so will it get wrse. It is soo stressful because of all the paper work we have to do and we have finals coming up and the crct test. And we have TONS of homework. I mean good gosh I think these teachers are trying to torture us. LOL So hows it going in the nursing job? Is anyone here going to in a baby nursery and is a RN? Can you request to work in a certain feild because I want to work in the baby nursery. When I become an RN I want to go work at Tallahassee Community. Thanks for letting me vent.
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  3. by   orrnlori
    School will get more difficult but that is the way with life. You'll do fine and be graduated before you know it. :hatparty: Just remember to enjoy the journey. Keeping an eye on the destination is important but it's the journey to the destination that is the most wonderful. My son bloosomed in high school, he just loved it and he grew up so much and became such a great person in those four years.
  4. by   Renee' Y-Y
    Yes, you can pick any area of nursing that you want. You could start out in the nursery & then move on to take care of more & more challenging care - like really sick babies in an intensive care unit. I actually was a nursing assistant when I was 16 in high school...although that was many years ago...and a small town...that's what got me hooked into nursing. I am now a nurse educator - I am not out to torture students, I am out to prepare them for their profession and their life. Things, many times, are not as easy as we think they should be...even when you're an adult. Just "stay the course" and don't get too boy crazy!!
  5. by   BowlerRN
    I struggled a lot during middle school, cause i had a problem with getting my homework done all the time, but I did a lot better once i got to high school and I didn't think it was anything like our teachers always told us it was gonna be. The hardest thing for me was probably finding time to study between working all the time and my boyfriend. Definitely don't get too boy crazy!