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  1. I got employed to a LTAC near our place here in arcadia last May 20.I applied here as a full time nurse.Everything was ok before but right now they kept on cancelling me.They told me that the census was low and the cancellation is done by rotation. full time is 72 hours/pay period right.But last week I only worked for 24 hours. I talked to the staff coordinator and told him that I was being cancelled all the time.He told me that his only duty is to call the person who will or not be cancelled.The one who makes the decision is the CNO.There was a time that they cancelled me Sunday and Monday..And I observed that they prioritize on the per diem rather than the full time..
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  3. by   FLArn
    I'm not quite sure what kind of advice you're looking for, but have you ever thought about doing agency work? You could pick up some shifts as a back up -you could even call on days you get cancelled and see if thy have anything for you.
  4. by   gwafuh_rn
    I tried to avail myself on the days that Im not scheduled but they're gonna call me and say that they have enough nurses,etc.I think that the cancellation is not done by rotation.They just choose whoever they want to cancel..
  5. by   FLArn
    By agency, I meant a supplemental staffing agency where you give them availability and they book you to go to different facilities to cover staffing needs. These would be facilities other than where you are employed (where they cancel your shifts). you can book yourself ahead of time (days you know you are off) or you could call when your full-time job cancels you to see if they have any work anywhere.
  6. by   sunnygirlrn
    If they really are cancelling you out of turn and you have confronted your supervisor, you definitely should ensure that this is what is going on, then climb your chain of command. You will eventually get to someone who can and will do something about the situation.
  7. by   gwafuh_rn
    thanks for the advice..