NCLEX Questions

  1. Hello, I am graduating in May and feel like I am behind because I have not applied for the NCLEX yet. I figured I could get some quick answers from you all.

    How far in advance do you have to apply?
    Do you just print out the app and send it in with all the other fees/requirements?
    Are there any disadvantages to getting an interim permit?

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  3. by   JacelRN
    Hi NPJohnson,

    Each state is different, but I believe you will have to wait so many days graduation for your school to send off their paperwork required for you to take the exam. I think it took my college about a month for my ATT to arrive after graduation.

    What you can do in the meantime however is pay Pearson vue their $200, I would suggest looking on the website. It is the easiest way to pay and get your results for that matter. Then, your school should give you a packet for your state you need to register in and it will most probably have a bubble-in form that requires your full name, social, etc. Be careful with this info and make sure it is correct. Too many of my classmates had to reapply because of incorrect info not being accepted. The state paperwork is also done by money order or certified check. Look into a bank or your local post office for these. Oh and your state document needs to be authorizied. Your school can do this with a stamp.

    Also, you will need your current licence and social security. If you married, divorced, changed your name for any reason, it will need to be updated correctly for the test.

    If you have any other questions, I would say check with your school and if they can't answer them, ask your state.

    Good luck and CONGRATULATIONS on graduation!

  4. by   nekhismom
    If you live in Texas, you MUST MUST MUST!!!!!! apply with the Texas board of nurse examiners for a license 90 days prior to graduation. they are somewhat difficult at times, so do it EARLY!

    Other states aren't as bad, but each state is different. As for getting a temporary permit, I would say there are not any disadvantages. You can work as a graduate nurse, or what ever the term may be in your state, for a certain number of days, under an RN. You will earn RN pay and experience. I think it's good.

    Be sure to check with your state's board of nursing on their requirements for applications. And don't forget to register with Pearson, either. Best of luck to you, and congrats on graduation!