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I've always been one of those students who never go through test anxiety or stress out before taking an exam. But for some reason, I've been having nightmares about taking the NCLEX and am getting... Read More

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    Quote from TracyB,RN
    Been there, done that, LOL... except I decided to get coffee at a gas station a mile down the road, since I had left sooooo early b/c I didn't want to be late. While getting out of my car, I THOUGHT I put my keys in my pocket, locked the doors, got my coffee, & yep... the keys, my ticket to get in for the test, my ID, ALL locked in my car... I was freaking out. FINALLY, after about 40 minutes of sheer panic & numerous phone calls (that weren't helpful), a cop happened to stop by, asked if I was ok, b/c now, I am on the ground sobbing hysterically... I had 10 minutes to get there. He tried to jimmy the car, but couldn't get it... he asked why I was so upset, I told him I was trying to get to the test center for boards... He says, "Oh, my daughter is a nurse." Then hands me his sunglasses, gloves, & billy club, & says "I can't do this, but you can. You need to get to that test." 3 good whacks & I got in the car, so this is fun, driving home in January with a broken window....I made it with literally a minute to spare, the woman who took my info, could see I was troubled, gave me a few to compose myself & as she set me up, patted my shoulder & told me " It's ok, honey. You will make a great nurse." When my computer shut down at 75, I sat & stared at it for awhile, wondering what the heck had just happened!! I finally got up to leave, thanked the woman for her kind words & waited 5 1/2 weeks to find out if I passed or not. It was THE WORST 5 weeks... but if I passed with the day starting like that, I'm sure you will do fine... Don't worry about how many questions. Just answer what is being asked & don't read into the question too much.
    Good luck
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who dealt with a similiar situation.

    Back in the bad old days, everybody took the boards at this convention center in the state capital. I only lived 50 miles away, but decided I would be safer staying at a hotel, rather than risking traffic problems or whatever. So I got up in the morning, and my car had been broken into. The police come, and start talking about taking the car downtown to dust for fingerprints. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking, and I finally said, "Is there any real need for this?" and the officer admits that there's almost no chance it would do any good. So I told him I HAD to go, raced to the convention center, and got in at the last possible minute. Talk about stress ...

    Jim Huffman, RN
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    Thank you SO much to everyone who gave suggestions and advice. I guess I just hate that after almost 2 years of nursing school, I'm finally feeling that "test anxiety" that it seems many of my classmates have had the entire program. It's not a good feeling and I get freaked out thinking of what will happen if I fail. I know I should not think like that because it will set me up to fail.

    It's funny...this exam is as important as my SAT's were and I didn't study one lick for those. I didn't even get much sleep the night before (I had forgotten I had to take it the next morning) and woke up late. Many of my friends and classmates took the Princeton Review courses, studied their butts off, and stressed out completely. I ended up with a 1290, which wasn't too shabby back in 1991 (not sure what the average score is now). But I think the reason I am more stressed out about this is because my job relies on it. Plus, all the people who have supported me through nursing school are counting on me to make it (I owe my dad almost $20,000!!!). To fail would be more than failing would failing my husband, kids, parents, etc.

    But after reading through all the responses, I'm going to start studying a little bit each day, as many of you suggested. I'm also going to take a look at the Kaplan program. We just got back a hefty tax refund and maybe I should put some of that towards a review program. The NCLEX people are coming to talk to us next week about how to register, etc. which will be nice as I have no earthly idea on how to get started. But I do know I need to do it soon so I have a spot reserved, right?

    Thanks again for all the advice!!! It helped a lot. I shared my feelings with my preceptor at work and she told I will do just fine. She said for me to think of all the clueless nurses I've come across in the past year or so.....then she said that THEY passed the NCLEX and I shall too.... :chuckle