NCLEX in California or Washington State?

  1. Hi,
    I've googled the above subject with minimal luck. I'll be ready to take the NCLEX next Spring/Summer.
    I'm moving from California to Washington State in July. In what state should I take the NCLEX? Does it matter? Some have said that a California RN licensure may be acceptable in more states if ever I move again. Of course Washington state jobs require licensure of that state...any advice would be great. thanks.
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  3. by   TazziRN
    I would take it in WA or you will have to do lots of paperwork to get your WA license.
  4. by   Halinja
    It depends on whether you are just taking the NCLEX, or if you are getting a license in one or the other.

    I spoke recently to someone at the BON about this, as I was wondering something similar (oregon instead of washington) Here's what I was told.

    It doesn't matter where in the united states you take the NCLEX. What does matter is where you apply for your license. If you wanted Washington, then you'd send your app and info there, they'd give you your approval to test, and then you can sit for the NCLEX anywhere in the USA that it is offered. If you get your approval and license in Cali, and then move and try and get the washington license...that, as Tazzi said, will be a load of paperwork.
  5. by   ragingmomster
    Check out both states BON sites and see what licensure costs in each.

    Then check to see if the two states in a "compact" and reciprocity is superfast.
  6. by   Halinja
    'nuther thought. You might want to check with the Wash BON and see if they like your nursing program. If not, they might want some other class before you get license which case it'd be better to go with california. When I was talking to the OR BON, they actually went and looked up my program before they'd say whether they'd license me right off or not.
  7. by   nurse1717
    'cellent pts. thanks. i'm in the excelsior program so...step one: perhaps i will check with washington bon if they even acknowledge them!
  8. by   nurse1717
    I spoke with a recruiter at a hospital in Washington. She did mention that it took someone about 3 months to wait for her paperwork after applying for a license.
    I think I'll concentrate on getting past my CPNE for now. Then, depending on the timing, move in July and work as an LPN. Then, take the NCLEX. Trying to move and get my RN might be too big a bite for me at once. I've got to sell my place and buy another one too. Thanks everyone for your quick responses. First things first.