1. I took the NCLEX on Monday in GA. It shut off at 75. I had a ton of prioritizing questions. I am very worried about my results. I tried calling the 1-900 # today as directed by the test site, but they are not posted yet. I have to wait until tomorrow at 9am. I could scream
    Let me know what you think/advise.
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  3. by   IluvMyPtsPeriod
    Hi There....when I took the NCLEX 6 years ago, the computer shut off after 75 questions also. I immediately started to second guess myself. Why so many peds questions....I must have sucked at peds...oh my God....I couldn't even get past peds!!!
    Here is what you have to do....Take a deep breath.....Say the Serenity Prayer...come on say it withe me:
    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I CANNOT CHANGE (the answers & questions on that damned test)! The courage to change the THINGS I CAN (like this obsessive crazy thought process), and the WISDOM to know the difference!!
    I did not get my results for two weeks...I decided to pretend I didnt just spend the last 4 years suffering throught nursing school, and got real busy until the news came!! Then the tears of relief came....then the reality set in.....
    Good Luck!!
    Trust me in no time you will be a nurse, and this moment will be a fast fading memory!!
  4. by   cwood2b
    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I still can not believe that the result was not ready this morning when I paid my $7.95 for them! My luck. I am trying to stay busy and not concentrate on the results. Thanks again.
  5. by   Rileycat
    Would anyone happen to know the number to call for NCLEX results in Illinois? I will be taking NCLEX soon and I know I will just go crazy waiting for the results. Thanks!
  6. by   burger914
    I know exactly how you feel. I just took my boards yesterday and the computer shut off at 75 also. My problem is that I raced through the exam. I was done in 30 minutes!!! I counldn't even tell you what any of the questions were! Unfortunately, my state doesn't have the phone line to call. I have to wait the four weeks. I don't believe I passed. I know, I know, everyone says that. I usually am pretty good at test taking too. I really don't know what happened. I just rushed through. I do hope you keep us informed and I wish you the best of luck!!!
  7. by   cwood2b
    I checked the paper I have with the listing of states that offer the 1-900 # and Illinois is NOT listed. Check around and see if there is something besides the 1-900 #. Good luck on the NCLEX.
  8. by   IluvMyPtsPeriod
    As I said computer shut off at 75. Mostly Pediatric questions.....I finished in 40 minutes.....I was the first one to leave the room.....!! In fact I stayed in my chair for as long as I could stand it waiting for someone else to please get up and go before me...staring at my computer because I was afraid that if I looked around the NCLEX police would accuse me of cheating!!
    I took a train home from Boston (40 minutes) and envisioned myself handing out smileys at Wal Mart for the rest of eternity!!
    They told me I would have to wait 4 weeks......the results came in two (I think a little under two weeks actually)!!
    Then I got the news.....was hired as a Supervisor on the night shift of a 123 bed LTC with a 41 bed sub-acute unit. I.V. certified within 2 weeks, phlebotomy certified in another week....up to my neck in scheduling day after day...within a month I had recieved my full baptism by fire in nursing!! Falls, Deaths, Fire Alarms, Employee fights, and State Inspection!!!
    At the end of the month I was envious of the lady who handed out smiley's at Wal Mart!!
    But here I am 6 years later.....I love being a nurse....It is NEVER EVER BORING!!! No two days are the same!!!
    Take advantage of the next week or soon as that licence arrives you will be in GREAT DEMAND.....your life will change like you could never imagine.....Mostly for the good.
    So take a deeeeeppppp breath. Look at your life the way it is it the way it is now....for it won't be long till you start on a whole new journey!!!
    SSSshhhhhhh!!! through your nose....out through your mouth!!!
  9. by   Rileycat
    Thanks cwood2b, for the info. I guess I will just have to rent a padded room for four weeks after I take the exam!

    My classmate just took NCLEX this week and her computer shut off at 75 also. She had a ton of priority questions. She is so afraid of failing...and she was a straight "A" student. I guess everyone who takes the exam feels that way. I must admit that I am a bit nervous about the exam. Does anyone have any suggestions on reducing test anxiety? I am trying to picture that calm, blue ocean....but it is not working.
  10. by   cwood2b
    I was very nervous going into the exam. I think that I cried everyday for a week before the exam and the entire time I was driving to and from the exam. I always have test anxiety and I try to keep it under wraps by praying (begging) for help to chose the correct answers before the exam starts and then during the exam I try to focus on deep breathing and reading each test question completely before making a decision.
    I too was a very good student and the NCLEX caught me totally off guard even though I took a week long review class and studied the review books each day. I must have answered a ton of questions in all.
    Remember, study and do the best that you can do, and then it is up to the "exam gods." Good luck and remember to BREATHE!
  11. by   Y2KRN
    Hello all,

    Just wanted to say congradulations, and welcome to the nursing profession.

    Treat yourselves well now the test is over, a little pampering goes a long way.

    Try to relax, I know it is easier said then done!!!

    Good luck!

  12. by   Rileycat

    My classmate said that nothing she could have done would have prepared her for the exam. She said she could have went through six more NCLEX books and it would not have made a difference. I guess you either take good tests or you don't. I am not sure if I like CAT testing or not. I am so afraid that I'll do badly at first...and the computer will shut off before I have a chance to prove myself. If I had a set number of questons and was expected to get a certain percentage correct...I could do that. My opinion of CAT style testing may change if my computer shuts off at 75...and I pass!

    My friends think I shouldn't worry about passing the NCLEX because I did well in school. I also took a review class and I am doing practice questions at home (although I have been slacking a bit lately). I think if I can get over my test anxiety I'll be fine. I just know even the smartest people can have a bad day and bomb an exam. I have noticed that my anxiety is greater now that I know I will be taking the exam soon. I don't think I would worry so much if the waiting period to re-test wasn't so long. Why do they make you wait 91 days if you fail?
  13. by   cwood2b
    Rileycat, I agree with your friends. You should relax and just do the best you can. I am not sure why there is a 91 day waiting period. I have to wait until tomorrow at 9am to get my results. I will let you know how I did.
  14. by   Rileycat
    originally posted by cwood2b
    rileycat, i agree with your friends. you should relax and just do the best you can. i am not sure why there is a 91 day waiting period. i have to wait until tomorrow at 9am to get my results. i will let you know how i did.
    i hope you have some diversional activity planned for tonight to keep you mind off the waiting. good luck to you!!!!!!!