1. Hi there!
    I am a foreign nurse and this is my first time to join forums like this. I feel this could be of help especially now that I am preparing to take the NCLEX. I've heard that a lot of delegation and priority questions are now being asked in the exams. And honestly, I don't feel comfortable or that confident with these two topics.
    Can somebody help me on where to read more about these or can somebody out there give light to these topics or NCLEX in general.
    Thanks! I hope this new experience of reaching out to other nurses would be a pleasant one.
    Hope to hear from you.
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  3. by   RNConnieF
    You can get a good NCLEX book in any bookstore. You could also enroll in a class, I took Kaplan. As a VERY loose rule of thumb the RN can not delegate-assessment, patient teaching, the RN can only delegate TASKS. The tasks delegated must be within the scope of practice of the practitioners invloved. The RN can not delegate anything not within her scope of practice and she can not delegate a task not within the scope of practice of the LPN or NA.
  4. by   ancella marie
    I took my Kaplan review last year as I was hoping to take the test before. But a lot of things happened between me and the recruitment agency and and it's only now that scheduling of my exam would be possible(i'm just waiting for my att coming from vue). I really hope that I will make it.....
  5. by   school angel7
    Im also a foreign nurse planning to take my NCLEX very soon,Im using KAPLAN book.but still cant decide if i will push through with this....Anyway goodluck!
    from what country are you?
  6. by   ancella marie
    From the Philippines. Kumusta ka?
    Do you have your Att with you already - the one from VUE?
    Mine has not arrived yet.
    Kaplan review is good. They deal on what's important but it would be a plus factor to practice answering questions coming from NSNA, Saunders, Lippincott and Mosby - this is what my friends who have passed the test told me.
    Goodluck to you also.
    Hope to hear from you from time to time about your NCLEX.