1. Hey guys, I'm sure many of you received this same email, but I wanted to post it for everyone who didn't. We need to keep sending our protest over Leno's comment, for NBC to take time to send even a form email, someone is hearing us!

    Hello Tracy,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Viewer feedback is important to us; although you may not receive a
    personal response, your comments and suggestions are reviewed by NBC

    To provide feedback on an NBC show and also see what other people are
    saying, please go to our new feature, the NBC Connection. To join,
    please go to this site: http://www.recipio.com/nbc_connectionemail

    If you have a question about NBC or an NBC show, please visit our NBC TV
    FAQ page here: http://nbci-nbctv.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/nbci_nbctv/faq

    If you need assistance, please write to our NBC offices at:

    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, NY 10112
    3000 W. Alameda Ave.
    Burbank, CA 91523

    Please note: For information about submitting scripts, visit:

    2&130=0968441309&14=&2715=&15=&2716=&57=faq&58=&29 00=6pKd6KBxB7

    Again, thank you for writing in to NBC,

    NBC Internet Support Team

    Thanks for taking the time to write in.

    Support Team
    NBC Internet

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  3. by   jamistlc
    What e mail?