Natalie please help me if you can!!

  1. Natalie, I remember at one time you were gathering information on salaries that CEOs were making and profits that hospitals and insurance companies were making. I hope I am remembering correctly. If you still have that information I need it for a nurse in England that is with the largest union there, they are trying to stop privitization of hospitals based on what has happened in this country when profits became more important than humans. I have some resources to send him, but I thought perhaps you had more. If so, please let me know, feel free to email me at
    Thank you so much. He needs this information for a meeting taking place in a week.
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  3. by   PeggyOhio
    I have a few links if these would help:




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  4. by   fiestynurse
    I would contact the Physicians for a National Healthcare Program. They have a huge amount of information regarding privatized health care and Universal Healthcare systems from around the world.
    They have an awesome slide show that you can purchase that speaks about the pitfalls of privatized healthcare.

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  5. by   rncountry
    Thank you guys, you are awesome!
  6. by   natalie
    Hi Helen,

    I think the first two sites Peggy posted have always been the most damning for profiteering in hospitals. Do you want anything more specific?
  7. by   rncountry
    What Peggy gave me was perfect. What Michael really wanted was the salary rates of the CEO's. However if you think of anything else it would be great to send it to him. I sent some stuff on the fraud situations that have involved Tenat, and Columbia/HCA as well.
    I have to say that networking with everyone is great. Thank you so much Peggy for these sites.
    Though after the weekend from hell I had working this last weekend I have to wonder why it is that I keep doing this job. My frustration level is running pretty deep! Glad I have this BB or I may run screaming into the street, and then I would be put into a pysche facility where there wouldn't be enough nurses!