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Two more nurses just resigned this week. I completely understand their need to do what they need to do, one is moving out of state. It is the latest in a rash of resignations, and, since I am usually... Read More

  1. by   kmp297
    Take it from me. I worked at a facility for over eight years. I thought I'd be there for at least ten more. I made excellent money, I had connections in all fields of health care, and I truely enjoyed most of my co-workers. I too watched excellent, caring nurses leave our team. But, I also watched excellent nurses be harrassed and overworked. And the bottom line was the company didn't care for the patients. So after nearly nine years, I too left with no regret. Well I regretted leaving my co-workers.
    But I now have my bp under control, I don't don't have stress h/a, and my personality is like it used to be. Happy go lucky. It was scary leaving, but I now have a nearly stressless job doing almost exactly the same thing in a facility that seems to generally care about it's patients and their well-being.
    So think of it this way: Everyone should do what is right for them
    because in the scheme of things our own families and ourselves are much more important than any job.

    kmp RN
  2. by   Jenny P
    After 22 years in the same unit, I've seen many good friends leave and move on and it does sadden everyone because it does change the whole mood of a place.

    After 34 years as an RN (and the 5 years before that as an aide, student, and PN), I wish I would have kept a record of all of the nurses who have influenced me (both good and bad! )at the different places and stages of my professional life. I've been thinking about that lately; "who WAS that nurse when I worked in ___ who told me such-and-such?" I never was really good with names, but I think I'll start a journal of mentors before I forget any more of them.
  3. by   boobaby42
    I can relate to all comments. When I was a new RN coming into the work force, I respected the nurses before me, looked up to them and actually honored them. I trusted their judgement and learned a great deal from all of them. That was 21 years ago. Now that I am in their position, I really don't see the same respect from the new nurses or other new members of the healthcare team. I don't know what the problem is, but I know it is not only happening in the nursing profession.

    Does anyone else feel this way?

    Back in the day, all the nurses were supportive of each other and helped each other in any way possible. Now, there is no such thing as team work and nurses are their own worst enemy.