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  1. by   Abbycat
    Adultry is a moral issue and weight is not.
  2. by   wannabeny
    When I started nursing school, by 3 months, I was 120 lbs at 5'0 ft. Whenever I'd mention I needed to lose weight, I was belittled or scoffed at. But I FELT unhealthy. Mentally cloudy, exhausted, my body ached & I had a hard time physically doing things that I never used to think twice about.
    At 102 lbs when I galloped, I was strong and could unload a 800 bale hay truck with bales that weighed 100 lbs easily. I didn't ache, Felt mentally focused, ate healthy, and could outperform at my job. One of the best co workers I had would've been considered heavy by others personal opinions; in reality he was just a guy with a stocky frame who had zero bad habits and worked a physically demanding job 16 hrs a day, 6 days a week.

    The question is whether someone is able to physically handle the demands of their job. So many factors go into being healthy that personal perception of what healthy looks like shouldn't factor into that.
  3. by   systerm
    Yes, there are some nurses out there that are very weight obsessed. I myself am a bit over weight and believe this has to do with that I post menopausal, a lot of changes comes around, for some of us it is weight gain. Also stress also causes weight gain, and nursing is stressful. Working in elder care in Canada, underfunded part of the system which means increased pressure on a system close to a broken system.

    Body shaming is a stupid thing to do, those who are overweight already know they are and dont need you to tell them that, that is their personal thing to make decisions. But possibly the "weight police " industry has a hand in this, they are about profit, so if that means to insult or shame you to get the moolah out of your pocket, so be it. Frankly at the top (of "weight corporations") they dont give a hoot about your weight, they want your money, that is what a corporation is about.

    The other day I saw 2 nurses, skinny minnies, talking to each other about they needing to loose weight. That was interesting and mind opening. I was hoping to see more intelligent things being discussed, but that was what was on their minds. But oh well, some may be educated, but did not learn anything, really. Good to keep that in mind.

    Nursing is hard mentally, physically and emotionally, also hard b/c there is an old stubborn culture in nursing about eating their young/bullying. Perhaps that is why there is a lack of nurses, once the young come out of school and see this mess, they decide to go elsewhere. So if nursing is a going to move forward as a profession, this nonsense needs to stop. Seriously.

    Nurses are not stupid. If they decide to reduce to a healhty weight, I am sure they will know how to seek out proven sources as in how to go about it. Most of the time, as we know, it is not rocket science: eat healthy, increase activity (swimming is good if you are heavy), stress management, get enough sleep and what else.

    Sometimes, people have conditions that does not help: diabetes, depression, joint pain, arthritis, certain medications, temporary life situations etc. Which may have to be addressed before taking on changes.

    It kind of sad that many women put their identity/self value on how much they weigh. You have not come a long way baby. How about some evolution?

    Anyways, nursing is supposed to be a nurturing business, it sure would be nice and very beneficial for both nurses and their profession if they would start practicing this towards each other. Everybody would fare so much better, let stop being divided on conquered, but stand strong united (regardless of weight).

    Those that are overweight, i am sure, most of them know that some weight loss will be beneficial to their health and ability to work and quality of life. But those of us who are in "normal" range have to keep in mind that we dont know everything about a certain overweight persons circumstances, and being supportive as a co worker/friend/human being can help this person more than we may realize.

    A long note, but food for thought.