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  1. Recently, I talked about blogging here at this forum. I got what I thought was a lot of responses thinking it was somewhat of a useless thing. Well, maybe it is. Anyway.. Please feel free to read what I've put into my blog. A lot of it is venting. I always feel better after I've written down these things that have annoyed me for so long. I have worked as a CNA for 8 years, LPN for 1 year, and now going on my 8th year as a RN so I feel like I have the right to say a few things like I have on my blog. Just wanted to pass this along and hopefully, if you look it at, you will find some pet peeves of your own.... JOHN:chuckle :imbar

    almost forgot the site.... Male RN
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    I think that I was one of those that commented on your first thread. If I insulted you in any way with what I said, I am very sorry. I am very clueless when it comes to alot of these "high tech" things, and I really had no idea even of what you were talking about. Since then, I have learned what bloggng is and I understand it. In fact, I find it a very creative why of expressing yourself.