MRI vs CT - page 2

can anyone explain to me the indications for the two? what i mean is, why is sometimes an MRI ordered and sometimes a CT?... Read More

  1. by   ctnjason
    im goin to agree with catscanman here. CT is definetly not the poor mans MRI by all means. Both are wonderful modalities and they both have their ups and downs. I am clearly non biased as well. Im registered in xray/ct/mri/nuclear medicine.
  2. by   Catscanman
    platon20 is not giving the correct information. You should look to a certified and registered CT technologist. Click on these links below and get the right information from someone who does it for a living.
  3. by   hjhilde
    Just curious, having dizzy spells more like vertigo. Which is the better test to go thru CT or MRI to see what might be causing it?