Move towards a peaceful world- from the mouthes of babes...

  1. This August 16, 2003 is a day many of us will never forget. Nearly three thousand poets from over 45 countries around the world were gathered in the Grand Ballroom of the Washington Hilton Hotel for the International Society of Poets 15th Annual Convention and Symposium.

    Many of the giants in poetry and entertainment were present including Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners, Hollywood movie stars, Motown legends and members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    A twelve-year-old boy by the name of Mattie Stepanek was at center stage. This child, whose tiny frame was ravaged by disease and supported by a wheelchair, delivered a poetic message that hit each of us in the gut with a force more powerful than the punch from a heavyweight boxer.

    Mattie was there to share his dream of world peace. He was there to encourage us to persevere through life's difficulties. He was there to remind us about what truly matters. He was there, a gravely ill boy who lost three siblings, urging us to appreciate all of the good and magical things in life. With his mile-wide smile and gleaming blue eyes, Mattie was there to teach us by example.

    There was not a dry eye in the house. Through the power of poetry, Mattie Stepanek stole the show that day . . . and our hearts. Mattie Stepanek will never be forgotten.

    About Things That Matter

    It matters that the world knows
    We must celebrate the gift of life
    Every day in some way, and
    We must always remember
    To play after every storm.
    It matters that the world knows
    All children are truly blessed
    With the innocent gifts of gentleness,
    Trust, and compassion, which
    Should guide the wisdom of grown-ups.
    It matters that the world knows
    We each have a song in our heart
    That can inspire us in good times and
    Hard times if we take the timeto listen.
    It matters that the world knows
    Our senses can help us discover
    The hidden and non-hidden
    Enchantment in life, if we use them fully.
    It matters that the world knows
    We must choose our words and wants
    Carefully, or we could forever hurt others
    With these most dangerous weapons.

    It matters that the world knows
    Strength and value of all things created
    Must be measured by character
    and commitment
    Rather than by might and wealth.
    It matters that the world knows
    We must heed the valuable lessons of
    Everyday life, through the celebration of
    Children and Heartsongs, senses and words,
    Or we could lose in our journey to the future.
    It matters that the world knows
    A person by my name and being existed
    With a strong spirit and an eternal mindset
    To become a peacemaker for all,
    By sharing the things that really matter.

    June 2001

    Poetry and artwork Mattie J.T. Stepanek

    young man recently died but his words will live on forever...
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    thank you for sharing with us, matt's legacy. he had the insight and gift that most never achieve throughout their naturally lived lives. truly, truly touching.