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  1. by   stormytexxxas
    what if it gets up to 360 mg's of ms contin/and about 200 mg's A DAY, totalled, for more than 10 years? if i drop myself to half of that at once, will it cause me life threatening problems if my body is so used to that much medicine? i am hiv+, 24 years now since i found out i was +, and i am terrified that if i am unable to get this addiction under control, that i am going to begin to die, and doctors wont even be able to keep me relitively comfortable. i am so let down with myself for allowing this to get so out of control. i am stronger than this. i have come an inch from death so many times, and told id never walk again twice, but im alive, and although i cant walk far distance, i CAN walk!! i have always been so much stronger. its just when im in such pain, and i have a full script, its hard not to decide that if 1 does alittle good, 2 will do alot of good. and then i run out way before time, and i cant lose my pain mgmt doc.
    anything to help will be greatly appreciated. maybe since i found this site, it will be easier with support. until now, i havent said a word to anyone about the problem!!! also herbs to help with detox will also be appreciated!!! thanx a bunch!!!
  2. by   Noryn
    This post is really old but just to clarify a few things. Most (in fact nearly all) experts do not consider opiate withdrawal life threatening. It is often described as objectively mild, subjectively severe. The person may think they are going to die, they will have nausea or generalized malaise but no major effects.

    Other medications can have life threatening effects with withdrawal such as benzodiazepines.

    Of course if you have a significant underlying condition such as heart failure, opiate withdrawal can cause an increased workload exacerbating that condition or worsening it.
  3. by   Mammoth Dude
    I am going through this and its not that bad not to the levels TexasStormy was
    but still I went to work the first day then stayed home day 2 and 3 then back to work on day 4
    Dont want to do it again but I have done the worst part