Morena IUD -need advice.

  1. Is anyone familiar with the Morena IUD? My sister has heavy, irregular periods, and this is one of the options her gynecologist has offered her. She's having a difficult time deciding whether to stay with the high dose hormones or go with the IUD.
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  3. by   fourbirds4me
    I had a nursing instructor who had one for that purpose. She was very pleased as it allowed her to avoid surgery.
  4. by   ulianka
    The name is Mirena. I've got it after my second child. And I am SOOOOO HAPPY I chose it. I was petrified of IUDs. I was petrified of hormones. Beacause neither of them worked for me. With hormones I would get any possible side effect. With "usual" IUD's I would get terrible infections. I will (and a lot of gynicologists will) strongly recommend it. Period practicly disappears. Although all the hormonal changes during the period will remein the same. So there is no damage to reproductive system. Ask me questions. I researched it Plus I could suggest you some links.
  5. by   lucianne
    A friend of mine who's an OB-GYN thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread and an excellent treatment for heavy menstrual flow. It can be tricky to insert, so look for someone who's used to doing them (or ahs at least done a few).
  6. by   plumrn
    Thank you for the responses. It helps so much to hear from someone who has first-hand knowledge. I will pass this info to my sister.