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have any of you ever worked w/moody nurses? I mean a nurse who is happy & productive one day & then acts depressed & avoids work for several days. I have worked w/this person for 7 weeks now and I... Read More

  1. by   penguin2
    Quote from k3immigrant
    i work w/ moody nurses & secretaries every time i work. i got fed up already & i don't want to be around them anymore as patients are starting to complain about particular nurses who are very loud. i figured, i don't want to be a part of a staff that is negative so i am leaving.

    I'm almost to that point myself! Add to the list CATTY narcissistic nurses who stand around gossiping & making fun of people like they're a couple of Ms Americas (legends in their own minds!) while the rest of us run our butts off!! These are the people that kiss the butts of management & then turn around & talk about how lousy management is.
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    i'm a much nicer person after 10 am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. by   VegRN
    You will see all types of behavior in coworkers. One of the best things you can do is try not to take it personally and report all behavior that is affecting pt care.
    Right now I work with a major compulsive liar, a few lazybones coworkers, someone who is constantly having probs with spouse, an anger management case ready to blow at anytime and, the list goes on.
    Unless it affects the quality of care, the manager can't do much. One nurse on the unit who has since quit, was a real piece of work and was affecting quality of care. She would scream and yell when she came in, belittle staff (especially new grads), constantly point out others mistakes but was blind to her own, etc. She had major family problems and was a recovering alcoholic. I think her personal issues had a lot to do with her behavior at work but she was talked to and disciplined because it was affecting pt care.

    The book "Dealing with People you can't stand" has helped me deal with some of the difficult people at work and so, I highly recommend it.

    I wish you luck
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    bless us all
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    it's all too tempting to just write someone off as being a jerk when maybe they just need a friend to point out that their personal problems are affecting their work and offer to help them find some counseling, drive them to chemo, move out of their house or whatever. [/quote]

    well put ruby vee. could not have said it better or more humorously.
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