MetsDallas or anyone else that has taken the NET

  1. I read an earlier post of yours concerning the NET and was wondering how you did on it. I took mine today and I'm afraid I did terrible. It was way more common sense stuff than I thought. How is this type of test graded?

    thanks, wendy
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  3. by   essarge


    The NET is scored on only the math and reading comprehension part for admission. The rest is a "personality" test to see how you study etc. I'm sure you did fine!!!
  4. by   MetsDallas
    You have got to be kidding! Only the reading and math are graded for admission! I hope that is true for all schools! I am personally freaking out about remembering all the science facts.

    Wendy, I take mine on Saturday. Any hints? or suggestions? How do you think you did? How was it? I am so freaking out down here! I have read the book and completed the practice tests in there. Also, I have taken and retaken all of the NLN practice tests. I don't have any nails left!