MedSpa Nurses...Do Looks Matter?

  1. I'm a New Grad and applying for a job at a MedSpa. The online application gives you the option of attaching a photo. I did not attach one. For the nurses out there who currently or have worked at MedSpas in the past, my question is do looks matter? Are you more or less likely to get hired at a MedSpa depending on how you look? Real talk, I can doll myself up, but I'm still on the chubby side. Since the business is explicitly devoted to selling "beauty," I am wondering if there is some unspoken expectation that you should look like a Barbie Doll if you want to work in a MedSpa. Thoughts?
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    I've never done it, but the nurses I know who have state that it's sales-heavy. I would imagine looks do matter- especially if you have the option of attaching a picture to your application. That's not "normal" when it comes to most employment opportunities in nursing.