Medication Administration Competency

  1. How does your facility measure med administration competency? At hire and yearly with a written test? We currently use a NLN test and I hate it. It is not a reflection of what we ask our nurses to do or know. Also, do you have a "core" test for all nurses and then specialize according to dept?
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  3. by   P_RN
    There is a medication test in orientation before you even get to the floor. If you don't pass, you don't work. Then there is a 1/2 or full shift med checkoff by the clinical nurse specialist. After that you may administer. There are no followup tests. If 3 or more "med errors" are reported in a time period (6 mo/year-I don't remember) then you must retake the test and re do the med check-off.

    Wow yearly? It was only equipment (pumps/defib/pyxis etc) and code carts etc for the yearly competency testing.
  4. by   2rntish
    Do you know if it was a NLN test or...I think we could write a test that would fit our staff. A VP of Nursing several years ago liked the NLN. Said it was a "reliable, valid tool". We have a new VP now and I see the chance to change to something that matches what we do.