Medicare requirements for skin assessment on admission to skilled nursing home

  1. 42CFR subsection 483.25(c) pressure sores: Based on the comprehensive assessment of a resident [they mean, the MDS/RAPS] the facility must enusre that-
    1. A resident who enters the facility without pressure sores does not develop sores unless the individuals clinical condition demonstrates that they were unavoidable; and
    2. A resident having pressure sores receives necessary treatment and services to promote healing, prevent infection and prevent new sores from developing.

    The book is use is called "The Long Term Care Survey" it is put out by the American Health Care Association at:
    I think I paid about $40 for it... I can't remember.

    Good luck.
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  3. by   GIV
    Please tell me where I can locate WRITTEN information on MEDICARE requirements for a skin assessment on admission into a skilled nursing home.

  4. by   nursejanedough
    Hi, GIV. You can also get some free publications from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The web site is There is a catalog you can order from for free publications. I have gotten a few publications which are pretty good including one on treatment of pressure ulcers. However, that one was last updated in 1994 and I think are newer treatments now. As far as Medicare requirements, I would think the newest MDS assessment manual would have info in there.