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I will be going on my first medical mission trip to Central America this summer. I am beyond excited, and would like to hear from others who have done similar trips. Any tips, or anything I should... Read More

  1. by   cleback
    If you're going to call around clinics for best prices, do your research beforehand and just ask questions like what is the out of pocket cost for x?. Worked for a travel clinic and a lot of people would try to get all their recommendations over the phone. I get trying to save money... I do... but when people are also spending money on international travel, let's be real-- it's a luxury and no one's broke. Don't try to get the office visit free over the phone.

    Just my advice.
  2. by   BCgradnurse
    I'm leaving the day after tomorrow! I was able to get my vaccines through my PCP, which saved a lot of money. I'm taking Cipro with me, along with Pepto and Immodium. I'm also bringing a jar of peanut butter and Lara bars. I was able to get some medications donated (allergy and children's Tylenol), so those will be taking up a good part of my suitcase.

    I'm excited and nervous at the same time.