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I'm working toward my BSN. A young college student in my Statistics class said today he doesn't believe health insurance is the right way to go for someone his age. He believes he's better off just... Read More

  1. by   raiderron
    If the kid would put his money that would normally be spent on insurance premiums into a savings account and let it accrue interest, then he would have more then enough to take care of his medical costs barring a major illness such as Cancer or Heart Surgery. Yes, it is a gamble but a normal person will usually come out ahead.

    Now, Did I do this? No.

    In defense of his thought process....when you are young you are bullet proof and invincable. When you get older you get wiser.
  2. by   Mijourney
    Hi. If this young man is not going to invest in health insurance then at least he should consider disability insurance. As most of you have pointed out, there is a great chance that at some point, we will become disabled on a short or long term basis. Having disability insurance helps supplement our income and savings, if we have any.

    Like many of you, I'm concerned about not having some type of health insurance backup when I get into dire circumstances. I hope this person not only has a coat of armor, but that he has squeaky clean health and safety practices.
    My hubby took a trip to the ER once. Couple of Prednisone, a few breathing tx's, chest xray, and some O2. 3-4 hours tops. Almost $2,000. (He didn't have ins. at the time)

    Although I did have coverage, my ins. company sent me a "copy" of charges for my son's delivery, a little over $4,000 (in 1994).

  4. by   mattsmom81
    Just had a thyroidectomy 6 weeks ago. 23 hr obs out patient surgery and hospital charges $1500. Surgeon charged about the same. 3K...not bad. Good news too, just a benign goiter.

    Now the anterior cervical fusion I have coming up is a lot higher....I've been researching: 16K for the surgeon, 7K for hospital /surgery charges, and 2K to the anesthesiologist....all payable up front mind you. Add another $1500 or so for physical therapy... yeesh, I'll be putting close to 30K on plastic.

    My neck injury was due to an MVA so my health insurer will not help me with costs.... I just hope my attorney gets it back for me in court <sigh> All prayers appreciated!! for me and my attorney...LOL.