Med Question- Diavol and Septra

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    I'm a third year nursing student and just started a new clinical yesterday. We only got one patient for the first day, and my first lady was a 70 year old with a possible small bowel obstruction- they're not entirely sure why. Midway through her day her physician changed all of the meds she was on- she was placed on diavol and septra and for the life of me I can't figure out WHY. I didn't ask about the drugs as I was not going to be giving them and I was leaving in 30 mins and had other catch-up things to do (first day in a new hospital, lets just say I was mega lost- I couldn't even find the med room!) Additional health info: she's diabetic, had breast cancer 15+ years ago. Meds she's taking: Humulin N + R and pantoloc.That's it, that's all. At first I thought that maybe they were trying to cover as many bases as possible as they're not entirely sure about the small bowel obstruction- septra would get a lot of gram positive and gram negative bacterias, would it not? But I'm really not sure at all and I still really don't get the dioval.


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  3. by   morte
    was she on estrogen replacement therapy po? if so, perhaps, now that she is npo, they are simply replacing that with IM?