med pass times ..... I am so done !!!!!

  1. Resigned after 4 years at the only ltc facility I've ever worked. Asked to float to a unit at 10am after my initial assignment was complete. I was to now take over a team that hadn't been touched. Med times ... "upon rising, breakfast, lunch, dinner, hs" this is to get around 1 hr before and 1 hr after a specific time frame. Now we can "lie" to state and say " oh they just got up or they just ate breakfast." To me this is poor nursing. This is setting nurses up for failure and patients up for harm. Anyway back to the story. I got an incomplete "report" if that is what you want to call it from the nurse who supposedly had this assignment. There was not a single person she gave meds to. What was she doing the whole morning? I was just coming up extra to make full compliment. Things were not given that are imperative, like digoxin and insulins. I brought this to the DON. She said I was there to work and sometime med passes go over. I understand but this happens frequently on this unit. I also feel like I am being asked to perform tasks that are not in line with what is legal or moral. Needless to say I am jobless but thank God I am a nurse.

    Added note: This stinks.... mangement is making rules to allow us to give meds at unreasonably late times, how unsafe. Med time windows are given for a reason and if the DON or UM know we are drowning because they can't staff the floor, then come help us!!! DUH! God forbid they come out of their 2 hour long coffee breaks in their offices.
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  3. by   Simplepleasures
    Yes, and what is scary is that this is common place in most LTCs.So where can one run to?