Mckesson accudose problems anyone??

  1. Help! I am an RN graduate, and have a frined who is an RN. He is accused of entering an accudose machine in an ER setting as an unauthorized user.
    When a accudose computer report was ran it showed "unauthorized pocket opened" under his user by name computer printout page. This is showing like 3 unauthorized pocket opening in 14 seconds, no patient name comes up before this, which is unexplainable. Also I believe impossible to do in 14 seconds. His supervisor tells him there are only 2 ways this can happer, per Mckesson. #1, a sensor problem on the machine, or #2 breaking into a pocket. There was nothing broken on the pockets, no tampering involved. Has anyone out there ever heard of or expperienced anything similar???? This is causing a lot of stress and would love to come up with a logical answer. Would love to hear from anyone that may have any similar story or situation. Thanks fellow nurses!!!
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  3. by   HappyNurse2005
    is an accudose anything like a pyxis? If so, it'd be pretty dumb to steal out of it when you are signed in under your name! Plus, it'd be pretty difficult to break into the narcotics pockets. and it wouldn 't be fast.....

    who knows. good luck
  4. by   janders2003
    Yes, similar to a pyxsis. You have to put in a patients name, your user name and pin #, drawer then opens and the one pocket then opens for access.
  5. by   matchstickxx
    Have they had a tech out to check it. A few years ago when we had Acu-Dose, a problem with drawer 1 caused all of the narc pockets in drawer 2 to be unlocked. We also had a lot of software issues. I was so glad when we changed back to Pyxis.
  6. by   SteveNNP
    I had that problem too. I kept absentmindedly grabbing the wrong door "button", then the right once once I'd realized which one I needed. Apparently I was triggering a sensor (faulty) which thought I was actually getting the locked drawer open (I wasn't)
  7. by   janders2003
    I am SO happy to find someone else that may be able to help solve this puzzle!!!!! how were you able to find the problem, figuring out it was a faulty sensor?? My friend is 40 year old male nurse who works in a ER small rural hospital, his supervisor is saying he must have "somehow" tampered with the machine. They have not had a tech out or anything. Did your situation get resolved, and how? Was it a McKesson Accudose?? Did touching the wrong pocket once the drawer was opened create a actual printout resulting in "unauthorized pocket opening" on the computer printout? Thankyou for responding to my email. Hoping and praying a fellow nurse may be able to shed some light. I work at a residential treatment facility and do not work with an accudose dispensing machine but used them in the hospital during clinicals. The whole situation is dumbfinding. His supervisor is assuming he tampered and opened unauthorized drawers which he did not!!! Any other info would be APPRECIATED!!
  8. by   Dougb61
    This would not suprise me, McKesson software is full of bugs, the worst healthcare software available in my opinion.
  9. by   Okami_CCRN
    I have to agree McKesson software is very unreliable, I detest it, Pyxis and Sunrise Clinical Manager are much better systems
  10. by   SuesquatchRN
    If there were no meds missing, why is she assuming this?