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I don't know if this question has been posted b4, but I'd like to know what kind of math is involved in nursing school, and what kind of math ( if any) is used in nursing???? Thank you!... Read More

  1. by   michelleicu
    Quote from Anaclaire
    I was very math challenged from first grade all the way through high school... received my share of Cs, Ds and even one F my sophmore year of high school! It made me feel sooooo awful!!! I think I had some sort of mental block or something.

    The math part of the education was what scared me from going to nursing school. After talking with several nurses, I gained enough confidence to give nursing a try. Thankfully my school had a very good instructor for teaching "Drugs and Solutions/Nursing Math" and I actually aced the class!!! No one was more surprised than me!!!!!!!!!!

    If you truly want to be a nurse, don't let the math thing keep you from giving it a try. It's just basic math and algebra... not like trig, or calculus!!! Some BSN programs require "Statistics" as part of their curriculum for being able to do well in "Research" class, but that's about as hard as the math gets.... from what I hear...

    Good luck with whatever you decide!!!
    did you pass math on the first try were you scared? I am cause I have'nt been in a classroom in 15 years!
  2. by   michelleicu
    Is there a way to learn this stuff ? jeez I know it's going to be hard but how long do they give you to get this right
  3. by   Sis123
    Pick up a book called Medications and Mathematics for the Nurse by Jane Rice. Go through the book and practice the calculations. You learn by doing and by repitition. Do a little bit each day, and pretty soon you'll be confident and doing fine.

    I got through all the math and concepts in Chemistry by practice practice and practice. Doing a bunch of your homework questions DAILY, and when the test comes you'll feel very comfortable and do well.