Maternity Scrubs

  1. I wanted to see if any of you knew where you could order cute maternity scrubs. I know most companies sell regular tops and bottoms but I am looking for scrub dresses and jackets. I bought a set of regular scrubs and they are terrible! Any advice?
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  3. by   whipping girl in 07
    When I was pregnant I just bought drawstring pants and really big scrub tops. However, if you can sew, you could probably make some cute scrub tops out of a simple maternity top pattern using cool prints. I was in nursing school when I was pregnant, so I didn' t have a choice as to what my scrubs looked like.
    I did a search myself, and only came up with a few things. None of them were cute prints or anything, just a couple of plain, solid colors. My best advice? I wouldn't spend that much money on something that I'm only gonna need for a few months. Those drawstring pants are pretty adjustable, whether it's for pregnancy, or a nice potluck

  5. by   ernurse728
    I agree...when I was pregnant I bought a few pairs of drawstring pants and actually wore regular cotton shirts...there were no cute patterns for maternity scrubs that I could find. That is what I was most comfortable in.