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  1. Hey all you experienced nurses out there,

    I'm currently a community college student preparing to enter nursing school in Fall 2005 to complete a BSN. I was researching schools and found one (Vanderbilt) with a masters level entry option, even for students without a previous bachelors degree that have 78 or more units. Its a two year program, with the first year being preparation for the NCLEX and the second year being the NP speciality. It looks like they do not grant the BSN during the program. What do you think of this? Is there any danger in not getting a BSN before a MSN/NP? Please help!!

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  3. by   suzanne4
    From my personal experiece, I would highly recommend completing a basic nursing program first. You will be so stressed out from the amount of information that you have to learn. As a nurse practitioner, you will be writing prescriptions, etc. and I don't thing that you can safely do that and take the responsibility for someone's life with just a year of schooling. Most NPs that I know have minimum of two years experience before starting into a master's program.