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Taking an unofficial poll on whether your hospital requires mandatory on-call. If so, how often. We are having staffing problems and are considering this as an option. Most are against this, but... Read More

  1. by   txnurse2
    A hospital where I used to work used on call to cover shortages, sick calls, etc. The good part was that you signed up for two "on call" days during the schedule. You could also take on someone elses days if you liked. The days you were on call you got paid $2.00 an hour for the twelve of eight hours of being on call. If you got called in you got your time and a half, and the $2.00 on call pay. It wasn't a lot but it gave us some control and a little financial reward even if we weren't called in.
  2. by   dharma143
    where i work, we have both on call & mandated OT. going into work feels like playing russian roulette. my longest shift was 23hrs & they kindly let me skip the next sched. shift- it would have been an hr /p i left. what hurt the most was my hands d/t all the handwashing.
  3. by   Enabled
    mjtrn, where I worked they are offering anyone who wants overtime to work it and when the census goes down then they are the first called off. This gives the staffing now and those that work the overtime are not out the dollars when called off. Also, young nurses with families that have left recently have been offered mothers hours. That is when the kids are in school they come to work. On a med/surg unit they do the admissions and prns and patient teaching or to be with someone who needs informationor to talk to because of a new diagnosis. If the nurse has any holistic experience something we never have time for is the patients spiritual side if that is what they want. About an hour before the children have to be picked up doing an admission stops and that last hour before leaving is left to prns and patient teachine or preps. In the nursery we have grandparent who rock the babies and feed them which helps with those not bonding well. If it weren't for our volunteers and part time prns we would be at a loss. Our facility refuses to have the ER bypassed even though other ERs locally have. They use the line that everyone has to be treated by law. Yes, but all we are responsible for is to stabilize and transport to wherever can take them. The nursing administrator will not pay incentives. He says that if they do it this week nurses won't work next week when we don't have them When I had first started at this hospiital we were having agency and travelers all the time. They would offer incentives for a month at a time. Being Florida the middle of the summer and winter is when it is the heaviest times. If a facility can pay for that why can't they offer the staff a raise The floors have been told they can not refuse and admission and they must take their assignments or be terminiated which only worsens it for others who remain There is also a big pay discrepancies from our norther and western colleagues. The starting here is only $28K, after 15 years experience I make only $38K full time evenings with a diff of $1.50 and certification $0.25 So if any of you are thinking of coming to sunny Florida you may want to think twice. I can't even afford to go to the "mouse house] as they call it here.
  4. by   BBnurse34
    Enabled, come to AZ and work with me.
    Who needs the "mouse house"