Managers! How do you decide who to hire and who not to hire?

  1. I'm sure you have some sort of criteria, but I know that it cannot be based all on the letters behind a person's name and how their previous job references check out. What if someone has great credentials, but just doesn't seem like they will fit in with the others? What about someone who has great credentials, but just doesn't give off good vibes? Do you try to pick people who will likely get along with everyone or is it more important that they look good on paper and will be reliable? Just how do you decide?
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  3. by   weetziebat
    Well, can only tell you about when I was hiring nurses. We'd look at if they showed up on time for the interview, how they were dressed, a general feel of competence, with experience to back that up. Also how long they'd stayed at the previous jobs and why they left. We always checked out references.

    A lot would be just the general feeling we got from the prospective employee - are they enthusiastic, do they come across as positive or are they whining, even during the interview. Do they seem like they want to contribute, or just get a paycheck. Then the personality issues - would we all get along, are they know-it-alls, and how they answer questions.

    An attitude of enthusiasm, being excited about what you can bring to this particular position, and a sense that one gets along with others was really important. No drama queens, or folks already asking about when they could take vacation. I'd say personality had it over most other qualities as long as all candidates were obviously going to be safe practitioners.