Management Styles

  1. Hello experienced nurses,

    I'm a nursing student who wants to pick your brain. I want to know if you feel there are any differences in mgmt styles between male admins and female admins. Do they differ in how they resolve workplace conflicts? What about their attitudes at employee evaluation time? How well does a male admin manage a predominantly female staff? Do female admin treat male nurses differently? Did anyone have a guy as a nurse instructor?

    Thank you for your opinions.

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  3. by   live4today
    Hello NurseExplorer,

    I have had male and female admins, and prefer the males over the females. I can't speak for others, but in my own experience in nursing, females like to form cliques, backstab others, gossip all the time, compete with one another, act '*****y' most of the time, display too many moodswings, etc. If they have it rough at home, they come to work taking their frustrations out on the patients and staff. Females are hard to read.

    I hope I don't get any hate mail for sharing how females I worked with acted. I am NOT speaking about ALL females, so don't go there. I am only speaking about what I have worked with. Even in nonnursing jobs, the males I worked with have always been better to work with than the women. That's just my take on things from where I stood as an employee once upon a time.