Malpractice insurance for nurses?

  1. I am considering entering the nursing field and I was browsing some jobs in NYC and some stated that nursing required their own malpractice insurance.

    Is this normal? I just associated malpractice with MD`s.

    What does it cost and how would a new grad get it.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    There are already multiple threads on this. You can purchase insurance thru NSO (Nurses Service Organization). You can actually do it on the computer via their website. Cost is about $100 per year depending on the state where you are working...................Nurses can be sued for malpractice the same way that a physician can, you actually work under your own nursing license.

    Hope that this helps.....................
  4. by   Salus
    Thanks. I should have done done a topic search. $100 per year is pretty cheap.

    Thanks again.