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Do you think male nurses should be allowed to work in L&D, because a lot of hospitals will not hire a male nurse on OB???... Read More

  1. by   LoisJean
    "OH, BOTHER", said Pooh.

    37 years ago I delivered my son at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth Virginia. There was no one BUT corpsmen assisting with L&D at that time. Did I give a flying frying pan? Heck No! I wanted relief and I didn't care who had their nose up my whazzit checking dilation!

    Since those days I have worked with our esteemed male counterparts who have the distinction of being L&D nurses. They are all sooooo cool.

    In fact, my daughter had both of her babes natural and at home; first babe delivered with assistance of mid-wife; second babe delivered with assistance of male attendant. Neither are nurses but are certified by State of California. A good experience both times.

    I think male nurses who opt for L&D are some kind of special people.


    Lois Jean
  2. by   mark_LD_RN
    thanks OB nurse-Dianne and Lois Jean for the support and kind words for us male nurses and a special thanks from this "male " Ob nurse. I agree it is a shame hospitals and its employees can not be as open minded as the public. the hospitals i work at have been pleasantly surprised by the patients response to me. I have patient come here at request me as their nurse because they were told about me by one of their friends or relatives. I love what i do and enjoy going to work everyday! thanks again everyone for the kind words and support!