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What are your ideas on a man in nursing? Are there any challanges to this idea/practice? Male RNs: what have your experiences been?... Read More

  1. by   jbresolin
    start next month with female OB/GYN who has not had students working with her. She gets referrals from E.R. different patient population than previous doc.
  2. by   Robin MC
    I am clearly in the minority here but I have had some uncomfortable and irritating experiences with male nurses. I would have to add that although I have been a nurse for 12 years, I have worked at only 3 institutions all located on the west coast, so that is rather localized. I have found that the men I have worked with feel that they are more knowledgable than any women around and tend to have a rather negative attitude towards the rest of the female staff. They seem to have a "doctor wannabe" type attitude that can permeate the environment. I think that women are biologically more caring and nurturing than men are. I am sure that every man who reads this will be offended but, hey, remember it's just my opinion.
  3. by   Hayden
    Robin MC you should be asshamed of yourself. I can only hope you don't generalise about your patients in the same way that you have generalised about male nurses. As a man and a Registered Nurse I am offended.
    I have (for the most part) had only positive reactions to my being a male, both from patients and staff. In my experience I am treated the same as the other nurses and patients have the same expectations of me as they would have a female nurse.
    I think it's about time we treated all of our colleagues as individuals regardless of gender.
  4. by   Robin MC
    Hayden...I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. I am entitled to my opinion, as are you. Feel free to speak yours and I'll do my best not to jump in and criticise you for it. My opinion has been formed by my life experiences and I don't take kindly to your telling me I am "generalizing"(as it is properly spelled). How would you even know??
  5. by   capjerry
    Dear Future nurse, I'm a man, have been a nurse for 16 years, and still think that nursing is one of the best, most satisfying professions a man or women could choose. Believe me, it's NOT because all my jobs have been great! I've worked in some really toxic places and actually was disabled as a result of forced overtime, which is why I now work in informatics. I have wonderful memories of lives I've saved, lives I've improved through my skills. That's what it's all about. Everybody has a gift to share with the world, if you feel your gift is nursing--go for it!
  6. by   jbresolin
    robin-you are right that women are more biologically designed for nuturing functions but as hayden points out individual bahavior is conditioned by genetics, environment and culture. There is a continuum and range for gender behavior and identification. Each person invents or finds their role and identity. Human services require an ability to accept and understand different expressions of individuality. It is great that men and women have the opportunity to work in non-traditional roles if they are so inclined. The role behaviors for men and women have been liberalized and hopefully we can learn to appreciate each other. It is regretable that your experience has reinforced negative or destructive stereotypes. Problems are bound to occur as even in periods of change residual attitudes will influence behavior. As women and men work in partnerships as equals perhaps they will transcend gender barriers that limit their effectiveness and creativity.
  7. by   Erbn Girl
    Dear Male Nurse: As a female nurse I have had the pleasure of working with many male nurses and have had nothing but very positive experiences in the working environment. I have never thought of them as anything expect an equal and have seen many of them be just as nurturing, caring and understanding as a female nurse. I am very proud of the teamwork that our unit displays with female and male nurse colleagues.
  8. by   spetherbridge
    I have worked with many male nurses over the years and found them, in general, to be terrific. The majority were just as caring as any female nurse and they had some definite advantages. They were, sometimes, stronger which helped on an ortho floor, they were better accepted by some male patients because these patients had more respect for a male than a female, and oftern when a male nurse enters a patients room patients assume that they are a physician or somehow higher in status than the female nurses. These were benifits for the male nurses and for females as well because we all know patients like and dislike certain nurses for different reasons. Having both male and female nurses gives us the ability to make them happier or more comfortable.