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So my "friends" keep telling me that becoming a mail nurse is gay. and the finance wise i wont be good later in life. Just wanted to know how common are male nurse? are they look at differently... Read More

  1. by   83studentnurse
    I think male nurses are great! Male doctors and techs don't get harassed at all, so I wonder why male nurses (who generally operate somewhere between these two roles) should be any different. About 10% of my nursing class is male (it has been higher in the last several years -- closer to 20-25%, I believe).

    As far as employment goes, I think you may find men sometimes actually have an advantage. I think hospitals sometimes like them because they often find it easier to move patients and may be requested by male patients who are more comfortable being cared for by people of their own gender. You may find it nearly impossible to get a job in, say, labor & delivery, but in almost any other area I think you'd do just fine.

    As far as finances go, you don't go into nursing to get rich, but it doesn't sound like that's your goal anyway. Most nurses I know do fine paying their mortgages, car payments, children's expenses, etc., which is more than a lot of people can say these days. Nursing pays respectably and can afford many nurses a comfortable, if not lavish, lifestyle.

    So I say, if nursing is what you want to do, go for it! Plenty of men are entering the profession, you shouldn't have an especially hard time getting hired (I say ESPECIALLY hard time because nearly everyone is finding nursing jobs few and far between these days, but I'm sure this will pass in time). Good luck!
  2. by   MaritesaRN
    Quote from Keptonkurtis
    So my "friends" keep telling me that becoming a mail nurse is gay.
    and the finance wise i wont be good later in life.

    Just wanted to know how common are male nurse? are they look at differently from patients? I'm i less likely to get hired for being male?
    On the contrary...we need male nurses for many different reasons; You are much needed in a lock up psych unit since we need your strenght, some male patients feel more comfortable having their "intimate" procedrues done by the same gender, and it is good to dilute this profession with men, considering the women still fight a lot w/ each other ( we are far from having a sisterhood in this profession--- I do not know why ? Do we have to be so " over competetive " to each other? ) Eating theri young is not far from the truth, and we know the men will be a good mix, since they are more practical and less emotional ( w/o the female hormone) . Being a nurse does not make you gay---the ones that think you are ,have a very limited function of their brain and insights. Do not listen and stay away from these people. Welcome to the nursing profession. You are much valued!!
  3. by   vivacious1healer
    There are 'gay men' in every field of work.....seriously, who cares? Sexual gender has nothing to do with how well someone does their job.
    I love the fact that more men are entering the field, and are some of my favorite co-workers!!!
    Usually more fun and cause less drama.....and this is coming from a female RN!
  4. by   bama357
    I got my degree in nursing in 1978 from a large public university. The males were VERY discriminated against in school at that time. We were not allowed to spend any time on the L&D area, and since all of us planned to become Nurse Anesthetists, the instructors told us we were taking up valuable space that "real nurses" should be in. For the most part, those days are well in the past.
    I do not know what RN salaries are, but I can say that Nurse Anesthetists make from 120-250,000 dollars per year, which is more than many primary care physicians make.
    As for jobs, most of the male RN's I know are in the ER and critical care areas. Many got there because it is a requirement for admission to Anesthesia school, but since only about 10% actually get in, they tend to stay in those areas.
  5. by   d101883
    first Consider the source... What do your friends do? if they are well educated and have nice paying jobs then, you probably shoudl pay attention. If not then your on the right track. Nursing is not gay if your a Male Nurse. and a fact is that some patients prefer a male nurse when a male nurse is available. anyway that's all.
  6. by   medic6070
    I am a Paramedic, a Volunteer Firefighter, a nursing student, and I am male. I am attending a communinty college in the Associate of Science in Nursing degree program with two semesters left. There are 5 males in my class of 60 nursng students and as far as I know none of them are "gay" nor would I care if they were. The only person that looks down on me is the "old school nurse" that is the Chair of our program and I think that has more to do with my being a Paramedic. I have had no problems in any of my clinicals, except for post-partum in OB, nor with any of my class mates or other instructors. I would encourage any man who is seriously interested in nursing to investigate all of the programs that are available in their area or where ever they are interested in going. Also I am 49 years old.
  7. by   Keptonkurtis
    Sorry if my grammar throws some of you off, when i type especially on my desktop i make a bunch of errors =/. Yea i am not that bad just little simple errors i actually got a 10/12 on the writing section on my SATs and take honors English.

    Anyway thanks for all the replies. I am not a troll but this is really great. I plan on becoming a CRNA one day, so hopefully the stereotypes won't follow. =/
  8. by   TedinAlabama
    Let me tell you a little about myself. I became a (male) nurse (LVN) in California in 1964 at the age of 18. When I started working in a large hospital I wasn't paid much and was paid less than "orderlies". Also, not being an RN, I was not allowed to give medications - LVN's couldn't even go behind the nurse's desk. Then I went to work at a large convalescent hospital (nursing home) where I was quicly promoted to charge nurse. Upon receiving my draft notice I joined the Army as a Practical Nurse ($89.00 a month). Being an Army nurse was the most fulfilling job I ever had and so I stayed and retired after 21 years. I met and married my wife (who was also in the Army), and had our first son while stationed in Hawaii. Oh, and the military is the same as the civilian world - approximately 10 to 15 percent of the military are gay, or bisexual like me. Upon retiring from the U.S. Army I quickly obtained my RN thru a community college while working part-time. Throughout the years I obtained my BSN, then MSN and just recently obtained a Ph.D. What do I like doing best? Bedside nursing.
    Straight-Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgendered and want to be a nurse? GO FOR IT! I don't know of any other job where your customers (patient's) wil love you as much as they love their nurse.
  9. by   heron
    Ya gotta wonder ... why is being mistaken for gay so devastating?

    I'm mistaken for straight all the time ... doesn't bother me at all ... :chuckle

    Have a lemonade ...
  10. by   DolceVita
    Quote from heron
    Ya gotta wonder ... why is being mistaken for gay so devastating?

    I'm mistaken for straight all the time ... doesn't bother me at all ... :chuckle

    Have a lemonade ...
    Excellent point!
  11. by   benr98
    I don't know if this was mentioned but when I told my wife I wanted to go back to school for nursing she at first was hesitant. But she did her own research and found that my decision to go back to school was one of the best choices I could have made. She found that about 6% of all nurses are male and there is a major call for male nurses. She also found in some cases when a male nurse and female nurse are going for the same position most of the time the male nurse is chosen or both are chosen do to the shortage in male nurses. I personally made the decision do to the help wanted online and in the paper. I would figure that about 10+% of all ads I see are for RN's and even more for any medical field. There are more RN jobs online in my area than there are any other position except maybe insurance scammers.

  12. by   benr98
    Here are a couple of links that might help you with your friends. I haven't gone through all the information yet but what I have read so far is interesting.

    this one is a male nurse magazine

  13. by   sissyg
    My husband heard it was "gay" too - he was a mechanic when he went to nursing school. Now they ask about going to nursing school. My husband's never had any problem with patient response. Our son's now a nurse - same thing. Financially, pretty great.
    The only time I ever hear of anyone thinking "male nurse" is "gay" or weird is on TV. Not in real life.